26 July History: When it rained instead of rain from the clouds, many people became victims of time

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26 July History: When it rained instead of rain from the clouds, many people became victims of time

26 July History

26 July History:

New Delhi. By the coming of the month of June, the sound of rain starts to be heard in different parts of the country and in July, Sawan is on its peak, but in 2005, on 26th July, there was no rain from clouds but disaster. Many parts of Maharashtra, including the country’s commercial capital Mumbai, fell victim to this rain. The one who stopped where he was, who tried to cope with this havoc of nature, was taken away by death. People were stranded at their homes, offices, factories and railway stations for several days. Schools, colleges had to be closed and the state suffered heavy losses. According to the data of the Meteorological Department, a total of 944 mm in Maharashtra on that day. (37.17 inches) rain fell.

Nuclear test conducted on Muruora island

More than a thousand people lost their lives in rain-related incidents and it took several weeks for this fast paced metropolis to get back on track. Some other important events recorded on the date of 26th July in the history of the country are as follows: – 1844: Birth of Gurudas Banerjee, India’s leading educationist. 1876: Establishment of Indian Association in Calcutta. 1945: Winston Churchill founded Britain. Resigns as Prime Minister. 1951: The Netherlands ends the war with Germany. 1953: The beginning of the Cuban Revolution under the leadership of communist revolutionary Fidel Castro. 1956: Egypt captures the Suez Canal. 1965 – Maldives independent from British occupation Occurred. 1974 – France conducted a nuclear test on the island of Muroora.

Unprecedented rain stalled life

1997: Sri Lanka won the Cricket Asia Cup. 1998: The greatest female athlete, Jackie Jayner Kersee, retired from athletics. 2002: An Indonesian court sentenced the son of former President Suhates to 15 years in prison. 2005: Unprecedented rains in Mumbai stalled life, killing more than a thousand people. 2005: Launch of NASA Shuttle Discovery. 2007: Pakistan Nuclear-powered cruise missile Babur Hatf-7 was successfully tested. 2008: European scientists discovered another new planet outside the solar system. 2008: 21 blasts in Ahmedabad city of Gujarat, killing 56 people and injuring more than 200. 2012 – About 200 people die in one day in violent incidents in Syria. 2013 – Bomb blast in Parachinar, Pakistan, 57 killed.

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