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A magnification factor of 6x to 10x is ideal for children to enjoy a wide variety of outdoor activities. The kids were not happy when some of the binoculars were discovered to be broken upon arrival. I bought two pairs of these binoculars for my twin grandsons after researching very carefully which to buy for them. As a bonus, if kids want to look at more impressive celestial objects and other scientific images, they can use the Argo's microscope attachment.

First, I took the ball of yarn and measured a length around the kids neck to get a good fit for neck halter, then cut 3 strands and platted / braided them to make a thicker more durable neck halter. The third reason becomes known when your kids come running to you after you go inside to Source refill your coffee or hot chocolate.

The binoculars are sturdy, having been dropped several times and the image is still aligned. Waterproof/Fogproof: These types of binoculars can be submerged in water, where Splashproof binoculars cannot. By Jane Kirkland, who is a great resource for parents and teachers who want to bird with kids.

So if your kids are wanting a Handy Manny party theme this year, then why not surprise them with a Handy Manny wall sticker as the party decoration and then they get to keep the wonderful wall graphic for themselves after the party is over. Bottom line: A great option for young kids who are just beginning to explore nature up close.

While these won't appeal to adult adventurers, kids aged 5 and up would love to find one under the Christmas tree. Unfortunately that is also when the best birding and hunting times fall and when binoculars that capture light become most important. That's why these binoculars are quite affordable: you can purchase inexpensive Levenhuk binoculars for kids starting at just $16.95.

Binoculars are useful science tools, and students should know how to use and respect them. Thanks to the generosity of OPT , several pairs of these were donated to benefit our children's binocular observing program at the Observatory and it was time to hand them out along with the other binoculars we traditionally use.

You can use your binoculars while on a camping or hiking trip, when walking, cycling or boating, and even at home. The binoculars broke or came apart within the first few minutes that the children played with them. You have to be sure that even if your kid accidentally drops binoculars or hits them while playing, all optical elements will remain intact.

As with buying binoculars for adults, the child binocular should have adequate magnification though, a very high power is not necessary and it should show objects brightly and bring objects sufficiently close for the child to get pleasure from the viewing experience.

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