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The main services that will be provided by TRC aim to impress a child and force them to draw close to source of technology in a rural set up. TRC intends to use permanent staff namely school drop-outs, school leavers and unemployed youth within the community. Voluntary staff from the community will also be used to ensure that there is plenty of supervision and assistance for the youth. The project is challenging but absolutely amazing and fulfilling. The ability to provide the youth with a platform for recreation and awareness of their future is not quantifiable!! Many children in Europe are exposed to clubs that provide gymnastics, video games, sports, art school, dancing, music, ballet, and many other disciplines at a young age.  This enabled the youth to be fully prepared as they go on to choose careers and compete with the rest of the world.

THE RURAL LIBRARY: The exposure of the Library will reveal books that have knowledge about nature, vehicles, cartoons, countries, famous people, planets, history, sports, plants, animals and many other interesting things urban people take for granted. The rural library within the centre will be committed introducing a culture of reading within the rural youth. We collaborate with citizens, public library, rural stakeholders to ensure relevant material is put into the library that will add value to the children. TRC views these rural public libraries as centres of learning, community building, and civic pride

A Project Team will be set up provide project management services necessary for the establishment of a new library facilities within the centre to cater for both primary and secondary rural beneficiaries. This includes coordinating the design, coordinating and overseeing the construction and overseeing the equipping of the new library to meet community needs and budgets. The key element is that no books will be taken out of the library. The beneficiaries will use the library facilities to read and be acquainted with what happens in a library.

THE COMPUTER ROOM: The computer room will expose the rural youth access to internet, emails and MS Office training. The availability of computer technology will have a major impact on the rural youth’s future career prospects, as they are able to gain skills which are relevant to the modern workplace and which will enable them to earn a living in future.

THE MINI CINEMA: The Cinema will show movies and educational programs that will bridge the gap between an urban and rural child.

The Inside Play park will be devoted to preschools. The children will be exposed to colours, shapes, toys and a TV with cartoons and other children’s programmes. Two televisions will be placed in the room where rural preschoolers will be busy using colouring crayons, pencils, legos, and toys to play and enjoy the new world of imagination, creativity and self-esteem.  TRC will form linkages with NGOs that are involved in feeding schemes to allow the pre-scholars to enjoy snacks when they come to the centre. Women in the rural areas will be asked to volunteer their services to ensure that any child that comes to the centre enjoys the complete package aimed at stimulating the youths’ brain.

The External play park will provide the learners with physical and mental stimulation when they play on swings, slides and roundabouts. An environment that is common in many countries as a means of stimulating a young mind. Many rural children find themselves loitering around the houses, shops and forest. There are no meaningful activities that can give them a foundation for their future careers and scientific creative minds.


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