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Rural Africa

The images of Africa as the dark continent, poor, ugly, corrupt and unproductive, have been a legacy that has hindered the development of the African rural underprivileged mind.

Hope for a better Africa

Using the inspiring words of Jim Dornan, “Our past is not our future”, the picture of a bleak and ugly Africa should be eradicated.

A New Africa

The new basket for africa: Technology basket. TRC intends to run projects that will focus on media (music, art, and computers)

Our Locations

The Techo Revelation Centres is located in Zimbabwe, Southern Africa. Zimbabwe is next to Zambia and South Africa. TRC have offices for administration in Harare and Bulawayo.



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Donations and Assistance

Help us build a brighter future for the rural poor and disadvantaged by bridging the gap with technology, new media and art. Be part of the brighter and New Africa.


Welcome To Techno Revelation Centres

Techno Revelation Centre

Acknowledging the supremacy of Jehovah God and recognising the need to bridge the gap between the rural and urban areas in terms of technology development by providing media, library and play park centres to empower the said children and adolescents to be socially and economically independent.

The main purpose of Techno Revelation Centre (TRC) as an NGO is to build and furnish technology awareness and recreation centres in the rural provinces of Zimbabwe. The TRC centres built on 3000sqm stands will be used primarily by the rural youth from any age to 18 years. The Centres will provide awareness of technology in the form of a library, music room, and mini sized cinema, inside and outside Play Park for the pre scholars. (See map of Centre).

The centre will also run a number of projects that will assist the community with employment as well as sustain the centres’ basic requirements. Given that between sixty to eighty percent of Zimbabwe’s population live in the rural areas and base their livelihood mainly on crop production and livestock farming, the centres will introduce another way of life style to ensure recreational activities for the youth.

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