Values, Vision & Mission

VISION:     To built and furnish technology and media centres that will provide awareness and recreational activities for the rural underprivileged youth of Zimbabwe. TRC' s vision is to create and new build technology centres that will empower, develop and transform a rural underprivileged children. 

: To remove the image of despair and hopelessness in the life of a rural underprivileged youth.

VALUES: In providing the awareness and recreational facilities, TRC will respect the cultural beliefs of the rural society by ensuring partnership with the community in both the setting up and implementation of the centres.

All rural beneficiaries will be treated with human dignity and care, given their lack of exposure to the services being offered.

TRC staff will be qualified and trained to provide the best service and experience to centre beneficiaries and stake holders.



The objectives of the Trust shall be to:

1.1    Create centres that will bridge the gap between the rural and urban areas in terms of technology awareness and recreation by providing media, library and play park centres.

1.2    Empower the rural child from youth to adult (18 years) to make use of his/her environment to make a difference in society;

1.3     Remove the inferiority barrier within the rural youth in terms of technology awareness and to expose them to libraries to develop a reading culture and an inquisitive mind.                                                                                                             

1.4    Plant a seed of career development opportunities existing outside their rural environment of cattle and goat herding as well home and domestic chores.

1.5    Create play parks at the backyards of all centre buildings to keep children preoccupied with mentally developing activities and games than cumbersome brain exhausting activities that are prematurely administered to them as they assist parents to complete adult tasks.

1.6    Create a balanced view of an African child endowed with natural resources that will enable him/her to vision a future full of all types of opportunities and possibilities. 

1.7     Create centres that will remove inferiority complex from an African youth to balance the mental view of his/her heritage and background.

1.8     Create centres that will be sustained by local and international donors and Zimbabweans in the diasporas and self sustaining projects.

1.9    Create that will be used to adjust the mindset of a rural child through technology awareness and play.

1.10  To create an environment of open dialogue amongst young people in order to help them make informed decisions in life.

1.11  To strengthen and lobby for networking with other organizations involved in similar activities nationally, regionally and internationally.

1.12  To develop and disseminate information and education materials for awareness purposes.

1.13  To facilitate training and technical support for young people.                           

1.14 To organize children and youth for programme implementation.

1.16  To initiate drop in centres for networking of children and youth.       

1.17 To keep youth up to speed with latest technologies and opportunities including online technologies.

1.18 Acquire computers and other necessary information technology and provide computer training and access to the  internet


Sustainability is key! TRC intends to run a number of projects which will sustain the Centres. The Projects will be run by National Project Managers that will report back to the CEO and the board of Trustees.  One of our plans is to ensure that apart from offering the centres for access to ICT & library services alone. A number of projects are on the table and are being discussed with the relevant community stakeholders to ensure that they meet the society’s needs:

·         We want to train rural beneficiaries on innovation and climate change participation. TRC will use the centre to train people on tree planting as their contributing to cutting down on C02 emissions,

·         We will train villagers at our centre on how they can empower themselves by utilising trees to setup biomass powered energy in their locale for electricity purposes .

·         The key focus will be to train the rural folk on basic technology & renewable energy projects for self sustenance.

·         ICT training and awareness for the youth

·         To provide rural provincial music competition that will be aired on national television

·         To provide rural provincial choral music completion that will be aired on national television

·         To provide a rural provincial table tennis competition.


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Welcome To Techno Revelation Centres

Techno Revelation Centre

Acknowledging the supremacy of Jehovah God and recognising the need to bridge the gap between the rural and urban areas in terms of technology development by providing media, library and play park centres to empower the said children and adolescents to be socially and economically independent.

The main purpose of Techno Revelation Centre (TRC) as an NGO is to build and furnish technology awareness and recreation centres in the rural provinces of Zimbabwe. The TRC centres built on 3000sqm stands will be used primarily by the rural youth from any age to 18 years. The Centres will provide awareness of technology in the form of a library, music room, and mini sized cinema, inside and outside Play Park for the pre scholars. (See map of Centre).

The centre will also run a number of projects that will assist the community with employment as well as sustain the centres’ basic requirements. Given that between sixty to eighty percent of Zimbabwe’s population live in the rural areas and base their livelihood mainly on crop production and livestock farming, the centres will introduce another way of life style to ensure recreational activities for the youth.