Miriam Farai Siwela - Chairperson and Founder

Farai is extremely passionate about life in the rural areas. Having spent the first eight years of her life in the rural areas, she later went to the United Kingdom in 1976 and studied in the primarily and secondary schools. The first eight years of her life in the rural areas revealed the emptiness of the country life style; she recognised the challenges the child would encounter if they were brought up in a blank and uninspiring environment. If a child is unprepared for the outside world, change can be quite a challenge.

When Zimbabwe gained its independence in 1980, she came back in 1981 and completed her secondary education. She became the first black Head girl of Girls High School in Harare in 1985. When she past her “A’ Levels, she went to study an Honours Degree in Economics at the University of Zimbabwe. Because of her vivacious and outspoken nature she joined the Students Representative Council (SRC) as an external representative; again becoming the only lady in a team of 12 men.

Farai attended a series of Post Graduate courses leading up to the Masters Degree in Education with UNISA where she working on her dissertation. Farai has worked in Zimbabwe, United Kingdom and South Africa. She has gained experience working in government, lecturing, hotels, ICT companies and Estate agency. Farai is also a Director for a number of companies. She is married with 2 sons aged 20 and 17.

Now that we have found land, what are we going to do with it? The fact that rural land in Zimbabwe is extremely cheap in comparison to many countries further inspired Farai to take advantage of this abundant resource. Farai’s few years in the United Kingdom revealed to that the first years of a child are the most important in preparing him/her for the life that lies ahead. When she compares her life in the United Kingdom and in the rural areas – she is really pained by the stack contrast. Life in the rural areas has not changed since her grandfather was a young boy, nor during her mother’s childhood years. Now Farai is an adult herself; but still nothing has changed to this day. The question was now, who should change this picture?


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