Faith Tariro Mango- Legal Director

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Faith Tariro Mango has an array of expertise. She read for a law degree at Lancaster University, She also holds a Diploma in Education from the Southern Africa Acclaimed University of Zimbabwe and holds 3 Years of Phd Research at Gloucestershire University. Her academia is well consolidated by a cumulative 10 years experience within community development.

The thrust of her experience was working with deprived communities which are generally considered as hard to reach and socially, economically and politically excluded from UK mainstream society. She holds vast experience in project development, coordination and implementation. She led on a number of regional and national research and knowledge transfer projects in health, social care and criminal justice policy and practice while working for the renowned International School for Communities, Rights and Inclusion, University of Central Lancashire.

She is recognised for her academic and and social research experience with research interest on the Impact of HIV on child development. Amulgamating her legal training and research flare she was responsible for the designing, supporting and coordination of 8 bespoke Commission of Human Rights research project in the London and South East Region of England. These researches include the nation wide Your Health Your Say Consultation project in 2005, National Institute for Mental Health England in 2004-2008 (NIMHE). Some of the findings of the consultations have since influenced the shaping of current UK social policy in the areas of communities and social cohesion across a range of issues including mental health, drug and alcohol use, crime and regeneration.

Mrs Mango is currentlyin the final stages of her Msc Social Work programme is also a Director of the PJ Ophenage in Prospect Harare with special operation management responsibilities and fundraising. On a social Level Faith is a seasoned oretor and entertainer. She is a member of the Zimbabwe Christian Fellowship, A StAR (Student Academic Representative) at London Metropolitan University and Tresurer of the Zim Hardship Fund. Mrs Mango possesses a unique humourous flare and light-hearted approach to lobbying, campaigning and awareness programmes to make them captivating, appealing and culturally appropriate to a diverse range of audience.

Faith is looking forward to the exciting prospect and challenge of working with in grass-root communities in order to connect them to the global village via accessible Information Technoloy


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