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The Techno Revelation Centre (TRC) is a new NGO that was established in March 2011 by group of four Zimbabwean women. The women were inspired by their experiences of the rural life during their youth and their experiences in Europe as youths. The difference in the two life styles spurred them to have a vision that was beyond could not be erased,  Further inspired by the availability of land and abundant educated labour, the women saw an opportunity to bring confidence and pride into a country that was once known as the “bread basket of Africa.”


The main purpose of the NGO is to build and furnish technology awareness and recreation centres in the rural provinces of Zimbabwe. The TRC centres built on 3000sqm stands will be used primarily by the rural youth from any age to 18 years. The Centres will provide awareness of technology in the form of a library, music room, and mini sized cinema, inside and outside Play Park for the pre scholars. (See map of Centre). The centre will also run a number of projects that will assist the community with employment as well as sustain the centres’ basic requirements. Given that between sixty to eighty percent of Zimbabwe’s population live in the rural areas and base their livelihood mainly on crop production and livestock farming, the centres will introduce another way of life style to ensure recreational activities for the youth.


Each centre will create a lot of employment for the underprivileged rural people.  TRC intends to directly use mainly employees from the provinces where the centres are situated.  A number of projects will also be run by Project Managers to ensure sustainability of the centres, paying salaries, operational and other costs.


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